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DiYRoboCar Race Challenge

Welcome to the wiki page for the DiYRoboCar Race Challenge at EclipseCon Europe 2019.

RC Car + Open Source = DiYRoboCar!

Our friends from the Connected Autonomous Driving Meetup are helping us organize a fun activity for conference attendees. See our web page.

DiYRoboCars are converted RC model cars, which are extended with a Raspberry 3/3+ or a NVIDIA Jetson TX1/2 card or Nano card.

These vehicles are sent like real vehicles on a course, where image, speed and steering data are collected, then trained in a neural network and the vehicles compete against each other.

The idea of the DiYRoboCars was born some years ago in Oakland by Chris Anderson and Will Roscoe. Please join us, if you are interested with or without robocar. Build your own robocar and take the challenge.

The Challenge Program @ EclipseCon Europe

  • On Sunday, October 20, 20.10.2019,from 12:00-17:00, we will set up the race track. Everybody is welcome to help and there will be time to train your robocar for the challenge.
  • On Monday October 21, as part of the Eclipse Community Day there will be:
    • An afternoon session between 14:00-17:30 with talks about autonomous driving, building robocars and lessons learned. Experts will be around to answer questions and to support you with your robocar. And, of course, there will be time for training your robocar!
    • The Robocar Challenge will then move to the Meet & Greet, where the final race will take place.

Note: After you register for the community day only or for the conference (make sure you choose a pass that includes Community Day), sign up for the RoboCar Challenge below.

Questions? about RoboCar Challenge

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