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{{#eclipseproject:rt.riena}} Riena on Git

Quick Workspace Setup (checkout source code)

This guide shows the git URLs for non-committers. Committers use the appropriate ssh URLs (see below sections).

  • In project org.eclipse.riena.releng, set the target "Riena on" or "Riena on"
    • When needed, select Project - Clean...
  • Set the missing API baseline severity to Warning
    • Window - Preferences - Plug-In Development - API Baselines

Riena API Baseline.png

    • Even now some projects will have compile errors. These are projects, specific to another supported platform (Eclipse 3.x, E4).
  • Run the launch configuration "SWT ExampleApplication" or "SWT ExampleApplication E4" depending on the active target platform.

Quick Workspace Setup - Riena on RAP

  • Follow the above steps to set up a Riena RCP Workspace
  • Clone Riena on RAP repository and import the projects into the workspace
    • [[2]]
    • You may import the projects from each repository into a different project set to distinguish them later.
  • In project org.eclipse.riena.releng, set the target "Riena on"
    • When needed, select Project - Clean...
  • In project "org.eclipse.riena.example.client", open plugin.xml (as Text) and scroll to the file bottom.
    • Here enable the commented out extension to "org.eclipse.rap.ui.entrypoint"
  • Run the launch configuration "RAP SWT ExampleApplication"
    • RAP may open the web browser too early, so that the application is not fully initialized. In case you see an error message in the brower, wait for the application to start up, then refresh the browser.

Git Repos URLs

Riena is stored in Git in 4 Git Repos


As pointed out at GIT Wiki page committers checkout the code with the URL

git clone ssh://<committerid><repo>
git clone ssh://

Authentication should be password (not ssh key) and you supply the regular committer password

Non-committers can checkout the code with the URL
git clone git://
git clone

A list with the Git Repos and links is available here

Workspace setup (for committers)

  • Start Eclipse IDE with blank workspace
  • Set your target platform with equinox sdk and rcp sdk as before
  • File -> Import -> Projects from Git
  • First Clone git clone ssh://<committerid>
  • supply your committer password
  • clone to a local location where you store your gitrepos i.e. c:/git-repos/org.eclipse.riena
  • after the clone you can directly import the projects from that location into your workspace
  • open in org.eclipse.riena.releng the projectSet.psf file and import all projects into your workspace
  • you should have no compile errors (other than a missing API baseline)
  • Make sure that you push configuration is set that it only pushes "master" per default. (the default is to push all branches):
    • package explorer >> context menu >> Team >> Remote >> Configure Push to Upstream ... ==> dialog
    • Ref mapping >> Advanced >> Edit (Advanced) ... (enter your credentials) ==> dialog
    • Add create/update specification >> Source Ref (enter refs/heads/master) >> Destination Ref (enter refs/heads/master) >> + Add spec

Workspace setup (for non committers)

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