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{{#eclipseproject:rt.riena}} Riena on Git


Riena is stored in Git in 4 Git Repos


As pointed out at GIT Wiki page committers checkout the code with the url

git clone ssh://<committerid><repo>
git clone ssh://

Authentication should be password (not ssh key) and you supply the regular committer password

Non-committers can checkout the code with the URL
git clone git://
git clone

A list with the Git Repos and links is available here

Workspace setup (for committers)

  • Start Eclipse IDE with blank workspace
  • Set your target platform with equinox sdk and rcp sdk as before
  • File -> Import -> Projects from Git
  • First Clone git clone ssh://<committerid>
  • supply your committer password
  • clone to a local location where you store your gitrepos i.e. c:/git-repos/org.eclipse.riena
  • after the clone you can directly import the projects from that location into your workspace
  • open in org.eclipse.riena.releng the projectSet.psf file and import all projects into your workspace
  • you should have no compile errors (other than a missing API baseline)
  • Make sure that you push configuration is set that it only pushes "master" per default. (the default is to push all branches):
    • package explorer >> context menu >> Team >> Remote >> Configure Push to Upstream ... ==> dialog
    • Ref mapping >> Advanced >> Edit (Advanced) ... (enter your credentials) ==> dialog
    • Add create/update specification >> Source Ref (enter refs/heads/master) >> Destination Ref (enter refs/heads/master) >> + Add spec

Workspace setup (for non committers)

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