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Riena supports the new E4 concepts to simplify the implementation of Riena applications in turn. Therefore there is a new branch rienaOnE4 in the Riena Git Repository where all Riena E4 development happens. (learn more about E4)

E4 offers a compatibility layer for existing Eclipse 3.x applications. Riena does not make use of this compatibility layer, but brings native E4 support. Even so, Riena applications built on Eclipse 3.x basis will work with Riena on E4.

The following guide will walk through the necessary steps to setup your environment in minutes.

Set up target platform for Riena apps

Follow this instruction to setup Riena for E4 and launch the example application.

Get Riena Source Code

  • Clone the Riena Git Repository to any location in your file system
 git clone git://
For more information about using the Riena Git Repository checkout Riena on Git.
  • Import the Git Repository in Eclipse
  • Checkout additional dependencies using the projectset in org.eclipse.riena.releng

If you have problems with the projectset checkout

Start Your Engines

  • Open the dialog Run Configurations...
  • Use the launch configuration SWT ExampleApplication E4 to start the Example Application
    • If required, select Add Required Plug-Ins in the Plug-Ins tab


  • Verify that Riena works with pure E4 applications (E4 Example Client)
  • Use E4 dependency injection (DI) mechanism for the Riena DI implementation

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