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Riena/Downloads – Installation – Setup

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You are two steps away from starting to write Riena applications:

  1. Download and install Equinox, RCP, and Riena.
  2. Set up your target platform.

This page will lead you through these steps.

Install Equinox, RCP, and Riena

All Platforms
  1. First install Equinox project SDK and RCP SDK.
  2. Download the target platform from one of the software update sites given below.
    • Important note: Only install into your target platform, not into your Eclipse IDE directly!
Windows users
can alternatively install a complete target platform from the links marked "Complete target platform" below.

Helios milestones: 2.0.0.x

Update site
For Windows users
Download complete target platform

Current Release:

Update site
For Windows users
Download complete target platform

See also Riena Older Releases and Milestones.

Set up target platform for Riena apps

For a Riena-based application to compile, a certain set of bundles (plug-ins) must be available at compile time. This set of bundles is known as a target platform. Follow the steps outlined in either of the following two sections to set up the target platform for Riena applications (based on Riena 1.2.0).

Beginners: Use the New Target Wizard

  1. Download Eclipse IDE 3.5.x for your platform.
  2. Install the Riena Templates Feature from
    • You might need to uncheck 'Group items by category' to see the Riena Wizard item.
  3. Select a project in your workspace.
    • If your workspace is empty, create a new General project first (File > New > Project > General > Project > Next > Enter any name > Finish)
  4. Create the Riena target definition (File > New > Other… > Plug-in Development > Target Definition > Next. File Name:, Template: Riena Target Finish).
    • Riena new target wiz.png
  5. The Target Definition editor will open. Wait for the "Resolving Target Definition…" job in the status bar (bottom right) to finish. Then click on 'Set as Target Platform'.
    • Riena target.png
  6. Done.

Experts: Manual Setup

  1. Download Eclipse IDE 3.5.x for your platform and start with a blank workspace.
  2. Create a new Target Platform definition that contains "Equinox Project SDK" and "Eclipse RCP SDK" from the Galileo Software Site (the RCP SDK will be only visible if you uncheck "Group by Category")
    • If you'd like to install Riena 1.1.0 from the Galileo Repository add Riena Core SDK and Riena SDK Samples.
    • If you'd like to install Riena 1.2.0. from the above update site then there are two entries for "Riena Core SDK" and "Riena SDK Samples" (a temporaray problem). Please select all four entries and add them to your target platform.
  3. Activate the platform.
  4. Done.

Next Step

Now you are ready to start writing Riena applications. To get a feeling of the Riena framework, take a look at Riena's Application Examples and Code Templates.

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