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Riena/1.1.0 Provisional API

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Revision as of 03:41, 28 July 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (In Riena 1.0.0 all APIs (exported packages that are not marked as x-internal) were marked as provisional.)

In Riena 1.0.0 all APIs (exported packages that are not marked as x-internal) were marked as provisional.

This will change in 1.1.0. The formulated goal was to make all API final in 1.1.0. However I see some problematic areas where I'd like to keep the API provisional beyond 1.1.0.

The following bundles should remain provisional

  • org.eclipse.riena.navigation.ui.swt
  • org.eclipse.riena.monitor.*

The following packages should remain provisional

  • org.eclipse.riena.ui.swt.lnf (in org.eclipse.riena.ui.swt)
  • org.eclipse.riena.core.wire
  • org.eclipse.riena.ui.ridgets.swt.Abstract* classes, because we only recently started using them

Not API all bundles with samples, demos, releng, tests, documentation:

  • org.eclipse.riena.communication.sample*
  • org.eclipse.riena.demo.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.example.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.sample.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.documents.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.tests

Violations of this rule (API finalization for 1.1.0)

We currently did some refactoring breaking existing APIs. We currently regard this changes as minor important because it is very unlikely that they will affect client code. However, we will document them here:

  • ISubjectHolderService
    • ISubjectHolderService has been replaced by the ISubjectHolder. This is not just a renaming!
    • SubjectAccessor has been removed completely
    • Affected bundles
      • org.eclipse.riena.tests

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