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Riena/1.1.0 Provisional API

In Riena 1.0.0 all API (exported packages that are not marked as x-internal) were marked as provisional. This will change in 1.1.0.

The formulated goal was to make all API final in 1.1.0. However I see some problematic areas where I'd like to keep the API provisional beyond 1.1.0.

The following bundles should remain provisional

  • org.eclipse.riena.navigation.ui.swt

The following packages should remain provisional

  • org.eclipse.riena.ui.swt.lnf (in org.eclipse.riena.ui.swt)

Not API are all samples and demos

  • org.eclipse.riena.sample.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.example.*
  • org.eclipse.riena.demo.*

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