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Reviews/R4E/Installation Guide

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Installing R4E

1) Provision Software Sites

R4E uses some Mylyn components so you will need to add the Mylyn Release update site.

Add the following Software Sites to the Eclipse workspace (Help -> Install New Software -> Add)

Mylyn Release:

Mylyn Reviews R4E Updates:

if Subversion is to be used, add the subclipse site of the subclipse version you want to use e.g.

2) Install Version Control System Features

R4E uses Mylyn Versions to interact with different version control systems.

  • Git:
Git support is provided by interfacing with Egit/Jgit,
Installing the R4E feature automatically installs Egit/Jgit if it's not yet available in the Eclipse installation.
So no specific action is needed for Egit installation in this step.
  • Subversion (SVN):
If there is a need to interact with an SVN repository, install the subclipse feature.
Help -> Install New Software, and select the subclipse site provisioned above.


3) Install R4E feature

Help -> Install New Software, and select the Mylyn Reviews site provisioned above.


4) Install Versions Connectors

Help -> Install New Software, and select the Mylyn Versions site provisioned above.
Select the connector(s) needed to interface your version control system(s).
currently, R4E supports Git and Subclipse connectors.


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