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Planned Face to Face Meeting Dec 2010/ Jan 2011

  • Framework
    • common components
    • integration in-line commenting
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Task Based Reviews
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Gerrit connector
  • Presentation / Demo / Discussion of the current status for Review for Eclipse (R4E)
  • Egit/Jgit integration points
  • Discuss on possible Egit / Jgit extension points
  • UI Reviews


Proposed meeting location is at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. SAP will provide a room with guest network, monitors and a beamer will be available. Details will be announced soon.

We have to decide if we meet in the second (10.-14.) or third week (17.-21.) of Jan 2011

So far I the following developers showed interest to participate, please mark the weeks you could participate so that we can reach a decision. We will decide on Dec 17 in the evening (CET) in which week the meeting will take place based on your votes in this table.

Mark the weeks you can participate with a +, the weeks you cannot participate with a -
Participant week 2 (Jan 10.-14.) week 3 (Jan 17.-21.) Comments
Alvaro Sanchez ?
Benjamin Muskalla (Tasktop)
Chris Aniszczyk (Redhat) + +
Christian Halstrick (SAP) + +
Dariusz Luksza
Edwin Kempin (SAP)
Jan Lohre (SAP) - +
Kilian Matt
Manuel Doninger
Marco Masse (Sony Ericsson) ?
Mario Bernhart
Matthias Sohn (SAP) + +
Sascha Scholz (SAP) + +
Steffen Pingel (Tasktop)

Online Meeting Oct. 27, 2010

Tel (US/Canada): 1-877-748-5333 international +46 10 71 20000, Passcode: 7836 581#, Time: Wednesday's at 13:00hrs Eastern
Current list of available local and international telephone numbers

Video Conference

  • SCM contribution from Stefan Reiterer

Online Meeting Oct. 20, 2010

  • ESE2010 BoF
  • Model Discussion

Online Meeting Oct. 13, 2010

  • Model Discussion

Online Meeting Oct. 06, 2010

  • Project restructuring status
  • Committer nominations (Steffen Pingel, Ericsson (3), Stefan Reiterer)
  • Status of the Atlassion Connector
  • Gerrit connector CQ
  • Model review and discussion

Vancouver Meeting Aug. 16-18, 2010


  • New Mylyn structure overview (Steffen)
  • Mylyn Review structure overview/vision (Mario)
  • Mylyn Review demo and feature walkthrough (Mario)
  • R4E demo and feature walkthrough (Ericsson)

Technical Discussion

  • SCM APIs
  • Integration of reviews with the tasks framework
    • Task Model API
    • Task Editor API (319357, 288171, 322449)
  • R4E migration strategy


  • Gerrit connector code donation
  • Project structure, release planning etc.


  • Project naming ("Review vs. Reviews")


  • Prepare ESE
    • Contact Atlassian (Mario)
    • Mylyn dependencies (Steffen)
    • Split Framework and TBR (Mario + Kilian)
    • Create unified model (Alvaro, Kilian)
    • Appoint for Inline Commenting Feature (Marco)
  • Set up Projects
    • Set up R4E (Marco)
    • SCM File Mylyn bug for initial contribution (Kilian)
    • Set up Gerrit Connector Project (Mario Initial Proposal until Aug 22; Steffen contacts interested parties and finds project lead)
    • File Gerrit Connector CQ (Kilian strips out dependencies; Mario CQ)
    • Allign with the SCM project (Steffen)
  • Followup Meeting (Mario)

Gerrit Connector Proposal

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