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(TODOs from workshop)
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** Allign with the SCM project (Steffen)
** Allign with the SCM project (Steffen)
* Followup Meeting (Mario)
* Followup Meeting (Mario)
[ Gerrit Connector Proposal]

Revision as of 13:23, 2 September 2010



  • New Mylyn structure overview (Steffen)
  • Mylyn Review structure overview/vision (Mario)
  • Mylyn Review demo and feature walkthrough (Mario)
  • R4E demo and feature walkthrough (Ericsson)

Technical Discussion

  • SCM APIs
  • Integration of reviews with the tasks framework
    • Task Model API
    • Task Editor API (319357, 288171, 322449)
  • R4E migration strategy


  • Gerrit connector code donation
  • Project structure, release planning etc.


  • Project naming ("Review vs. Reviews")


  • Prepare ESE
    • Contact Atlassian (Mario)
    • Mylyn dependencies (Steffen)
    • Split Framework and TBR (Mario + Kilian)
    • Create unified model (Alvaro, Kilian)
    • Appoint for Inline Commenting Feature (Marco)
  • Set up Projects
    • Set up R4E (Marco)
    • SCM File Mylyn bug for initial contribution (Kilian)
    • Set up Gerrit Connector Project (Mario Initial Proposal until Aug 22; Steffen contacts interested parties and finds project lead)
    • File Gerrit Connector CQ (Kilian strips out dependencies; Mario CQ)
    • Allign with the SCM project (Steffen)
  • Followup Meeting (Mario)

Gerrit Connector Proposal

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