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Gerrit Connector


The Eclipse community and many other organizations are moving towards Git. Gerrit is the preferred code review solution in a Git-based environment.


The scope of this project is to provide a Gerrit connector for Mylyn. The following features are planned:<br>

  • Incooperate the Gerrit reviews in the Mylyn task list
  • Provide a specific editor for reviews
  • Provide inline-commenting for source code reviews


The proposed project will be based on the Mylyn Reviews framework. The framework provides a common review model that needs to be extended to render all features of the Gerrit connector. In addition, the inline commenting feature will be provided by the Reviews framework.

Planned plugins

Initial contribution

The initial contribution is provided by Sony-Ericsson.


Initial committers

  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Matthias Sohn
  • Steffen Pingel
  • Kilian Matt
  • Mario Bernhart

Interested parties


  • Mik Kersten
  • Chris Aniszczyk

Developer community

We expect to extend the initial set of committers by actively supporting a developer community. We will make it easy for interested parties to take an active role in the sub-project by making our planning and process transparent and remotely accessible.

User community

Tentative Plan

Presentation of a stable and useable version at EclipseCon 2011.

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