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The resources component provides the fundamental model underlying the IDE portion of the Eclipse Platform. This includes the central concepts of resources (projects, folders, and files), builders, natures, resource change listeners, etc. The resources component contains no GUI, and can be run in a completely headless Eclipse application. The resources component is comprised of the following plug-ins:

* org.eclipse.core.contenttype
* org.eclipse.core.filesystem
* org.eclipse.core.filesystem.<os>.<arch>
* org.eclipse.core.resources
* org.eclipse.core.resources.compatibility
* org.eclipse.core.resources.win32

The resources component was historically part of the platform core component. The Platform core component was divided into RCP (runtime) and IDE (sections), and then further divided when the Equinox component was introduced with a new runtime for the Eclipse platform. Historical documents, plans, etc, can be found on the original Platform Core home page.

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