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Requirements Council Issue Tracking

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What is a Requirements Council Issue?

In the October Requirements Council in Esslingen, the council determined that the "Themes and Priorities" document was not the best way to drive resolution to specific issues faced by the Eclipse Ecosystem. Therefore, it was resolved that the Requirements Council would track, maintain and drive to closure or resolution a set of "Issues". The requirements council is empowered to present Issues to the Board of Directors for help, create working groups and/or solicit advice from the PMC leads for help.

Two important notes about a Requirements Council Issue:

  1. The requirements council will try to maintain no more than three (3) open issues at any given time in order to provide focus. And,
  2. If an issue appears to be unresolvable, it will be considered a successful outcome to formally document why an satisfactory outcome is not likely or feasable.

Current Issues

Candidate Issues

  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Multi Language Support (Specific to editors)

Closed Issues


Requirements Council Issue Tracking Template

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