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Requirements Council

Boston, MA.

    • Meeting will start at 8:30am, June 20 in the Stowe Room. Plenary (with Board) starts at 8:00 on June 21st.
    • Breakfast available 7:30am-8:30am in the Foyer by our meeting room.
    • Confirmed -- Don Smith, Dino Brusco, Samir Nigam, Bob Fraser, Pat Huff, Stephen Henderson
    • Confirmed for Plenary (can't attend full RC due to overlapped meetings) -- Doug Gaff, Yossi Leon,
    • Agenda:
      • Themes and Priorities
      • Issues
        • Review Closed Issues -- Provisioning (Update Manager), RIA Working Group
        • New Issues
          • Internationalization and Localization
          • Europa Plugfest
          • Packaging Project
          • Multi-core support
      • Member Presentations
        • Borland (TBC)
        • Sybase (TBC)

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