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Requirements Council

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The Requirements Council, due to changes in the Eclipse Foundation's Bylaws in 2011, is now defunct.

The Requirements Council has three main responsibilities:

  • Drive the evolution of the Eclipse Themes and Priorities which serve three main purposes:
    • Drive the creation of the Eclipse Road Map, used by the Ecosystem to understand in a snap-shot format the direction and challenges we face
    • Help projects focus on important issues
    • Consolidate terminology used frequently in the Eclipse Ecosystem
  • Maintain a list of, and drive to resolution of, important issues and challenges facing the Eclipse Ecosystem
  • Network with each other and the Ecosystem to consolidate public knowledge involving Strategic Members planned directions with Eclipse technology

Useful Stuff:

[ Serena Member Presentation, January 22, 2007 (.pdf)</a> [ Requirements Council Meeting, October 10, 2006 (.pdf)</a></li> [ Requirements Council Meeting, June 28, 2006 (.pdf)</a></li> [ Requirements Council Meeting, March 19, 2006 (.pdf)</a></li> Requirements Council Meeting, August 24, 2005 Requirements Council Meeting, November 30, 2004 (.pdf) Requirements Council Meeting, August 31, 2004 (.pdf)

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