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Replacing the jME3 Bundle in ICE


ICE uses jMonkeyEngine v. 3 (jME3) for displaying 3d geometry to the screen. It is sometimes necessary to replace the binary distribution of jME3 to get the latest updates or address bugs. Instructions for this process are presented below. It is expected that the reader is using Eclipse to replace the bundle and the instructions below reference several things that only make sense from the Eclipse Workbench.

Downloading the jME3 jars

  • Download the jME3 jars from the jME3 community site, preferably a nightly version. The nightly versions are available through the Download tab on their site. Do not download the executable SDK; the file that you download should be a .zip file.
  • Unzip the jME3 bundle to a directory. The directory should contain several folders, but only the lib folder is needed for ICE.

Prepping ICE

  • Open the gov.ornl.nice.client.eclipse.widgets project and its MANIFEST.MF file in the META-INF directory.
  • Navigate to the Runtime tab in, and remove all entries from the Classpath list except for ".". If "." does not exist, do not worry about adding it.
  • Create a folder in the gov.ornl.nice.client.eclipse.widgets package called deps if one does not already exist.

Import jME3 libs

  • Import the contents the jME3 lib directory into the gov.ornl.nice.client.eclipse.widgets</big></pre> project's deps directory using the File > Import > General > File System mechanism in Eclipse.
  • In the Classpath list of the MANIFEST.MF file, click Add tab, navigate to the deps directory, and add all of the jME3 jars.

Test, Build and Commit

ICE needs to be fully tested with the new jars. ICE can be launched using the run configuration in the gov.ornl.nice.client.eclipse.rcp project and built using the instructions on the ICE Build Instructions page.

A note about updating to jME 3.1 and above

The jMonkeyEngine development team is pushing their native bullet library, which will replace the jbullet.

If the most recent nightly does not include binary distributions of their native bullet library, you will need to download the latest version of jbullet used in jME. Currently, this can be found in the latest 3.0 stable release.

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