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Releasing Tycho

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This page describes the steps necessary to create releases of the Tycho project.

  • Prepare the Tycho/Release Notes which should provide a quick overview of new features and bug fixes
  • Steps below apply to both tycho and tycho-extras git repositories as these should normally be released together and with the same version
  • Update versions using
    mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=...
  • Commit version change, and create a git tag tycho-<VERSION> (and tycho-extras-<VERSION> respectively) on this commit
  • Update versions (same as above) to next -SNAPSHOT development version and push commit to master branch
  • Make sure you have everything setup (GPG installed!) for deploying to the Nexus OSS repository, see guide
  • Add your credentials for server <OSS_ID> in ~/.m2/settings.xml
  • Sync to release commit and deploy to nexus staging repository:
    mvn clean deploy -Prelease -DforgeReleaseId=<OSS_ID> -DforgeReleaseUrl=
  • Close the staging repository and announce the temporary stage URL on
    Subject: please test staged tycho <VERSION>

    Tycho milestone release <VERSION> has been staged. For details of new features and bugfixes, see release notes [1].
    Please help by testing the staged milestone build. To use it, change your tycho version to <VERSION> and add snippet [2] to your pom.

    We plan to promote this release in one week unless major regressions are found.

    Tycho team

  • Generate site docs for both tycho and tycho-extras using mvn clean install site site:stage and check the result in to tycho homepage site docs
  • After ~1 week of testing, promote the stage repository on
    • Only drop the staging repository once the artifacts have reached Maven central.
  • Push the release tags to git: git push origin --tags
  • Browse the Tycho wiki pages to update any hardcoded tycho versions to the latest version
  • Update tycho-demo projects to the latest release

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