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This is a action list that should be checked before a new drop is promoted.
# Walk trough all UI test cases and check applicability (especially for postponed scenarios)? Do that a few days before drop date.
# Are all UI test suites running?
# Do all manual test scenarios still work?
# Are all versions in pom.xm,, and feature.xml files updated?
#* Create dummy feature containing all plug-ins. Press Versions button on plug-ins tab and select force feature version into plug-in and fragment manifests
#* Update all feature versions
#* Update maven version of parent module. Run mvn versions:update-child-modules
# Added News and Noteworthy/0.x to org.eclipse.recommenders.doc.user plug-in generation task?
# Added all new plug-in dependencies to feature?
# Are plug-ins available from dev update channel?
# Did test install in a clean Eclipse installation work? (note, no update site except default and code recommenders dev allowed)
# Website updated?
# Marketplace updated?
# Announcements ready?
# Created a post in the forum?
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