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Building Eclipse Code Recommenders from sources should be pretty easy. If some of the steps below fail - let us know.

Building with Tycho

$ git clone
$ cd org.eclipse.recommenders
$ mvn clean install

mvn clean install automatically executes the maven builds for Eclipse 4.2 platform. If you want to build Code Recommenders for 3.7 just use

$ mvn clean install -P e3x

Building from Eclipse Workspace

Configuring Eclipse Code Recommenders Workspace for Eclipse is slightly more complicated:

On command line do:

$ git clone
$ cd org.eclipse.recommenders
$ mvn clean install

This is currently required once to download the models archive for override completion.


  1. Import all projects into your Eclipse workspace.
  2. Set the workspace's target platform.
    1. Go to etc/targets/
    2. Open '' target definition with target platform editor. For developing for Eclipse 4.2 just use instead.
    3. Wait until Eclipse resolved all dependencies. Check the progress view to see when resolving finished.
    4. Now click on the 'Set as target platform' link on the upper right corner of the editor.
  3. Wait until workspace is rebuild and all compile errors went away (maybe except from a few projects)
  4. Done. Start a new Eclipse runtime and trigger code completion on some Eclipse UI classes. The screenshot below gives a feature-based runtime configuration for Eclipse 3.7. Use that as starting point for your own configuration.

Example Confoguration w/ Eclipse 3.7

Trouble with Building Code Recommenders?

Please let us know! Point your browser to and drop us a few lines there.

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