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Recommenders/Attic/New and Noteworthy/0.4


Not released.

Usage Data Collector - Share with your community

Recommenders UDC first contact.png

3 days after you installed the UDC plugin or after creating a new workspace, the UDC asks what you want to do with the collected usage data.

When choosing "Upload Now" or "Upload always" you can select the usage data you want to share.

Recommenders UDC wizard libraries.png

First you can select for which libraries you want to share the usage data. E.g. we want to know, how you use the awt Button. But maybe there are company internal libraries you don't want to share the usage data for?

Recommenders UDC wizard packages.png

Here you can select the packages of your local java files, the usage data will be collected for.

Recommenders UDC wizard depersonalisation.png

Depersonalisation will remove type names, imports and line numbers from the collected usage data.

Changing Preferences

Recommenders UDC preferences sharing.png

On this page you can select several upload settings.

Recommenders UDC preferences projects.png

Recommenders UDC preferences libraries.png

Recommenders UDC preferences packages.png

Recommenders UDC preferences depersonalisation.png

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