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Subwords Completion Engine

Sometimes you just don't know the complete name of a method - or entering its full name from the first character? Subwords is here to assist.

It supports code completion on method names:

Recommenders subwords methodnames.png

and completion on variable names:

Recommenders subwords variablename.png

and completion on method overrides:

Recommenders subwords methodoverrides.png

Subwords has been developed by Paul-Emmanuel Faidherbe and contributed to Eclipse Code Recommenders. Thank you Paul-Emmanuel!

Subwords currently has some limitations:

  • It doesn't support dynamic reranking of proposals with better/larger overlaps.
  • It only works in the scenarios shown above. Typename completions are yet not possible.

You may find more limitations as you go. Please send your feature requests and bugs to Bugzilla. A thread discussing this contribution is here:

ExtDoc - Extended Documentation Platform

Traditionally, Javadoc is the first place to go if you want to have details regarding API usage. However, Javadoc's quality much depends on the author and therefore often lacks important information. Usually it only informs about arguments and returned information, but seldom puts it into perspective, e.g. its role in the whole framework/library.

The following screenshots indicate how ExtDoc tries to solve this problems. It uses several types of automatically inferred information - displayed by so-called "content providers" - and community features to enrich Eclipse's Java documentation. Furthermore, ExtDoc provides a framework for external contributors to implement own documentation providers.

Method Calls


Recommenders extdoc calls.png

Code Examples


Recommenders extdoc example.png

Subclassing Directives


Recommenders extdoc subclas.png

Subclassing Patterns


Recommenders extdoc pattern.png

Social Bookmarks


Recommenders extdoc bookmar.png

ExtDoc in Hovers


Recommenders extdoc hover.png

ExtDoc in Content Assistant


Recommenders extdoc complet.png

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