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== Subwords Completion Engine  ==
Sometimes you just don't know the complete name of a method - or entering its full name from the first character? Subwords is here to assist.
It supports code completion on method names:
[[Image:Recommenders subwords methodnames.png]]
and completion on variable names:
[[Image:Recommenders subwords variablename.png]]
and completion on method overrides:
[[Image:Recommenders subwords methodoverrides.png]]
'''Subwords has been developed by Paul-Emmanuel Faidherbe and contributed to Eclipse Code Recommenders. Thank you Paul-Emmanuel! '''
Subwords currently has some limitations:
* It doesn't support dynamic reranking of proposals with better/larger overlaps.
* It only works in the scenarios shown above. Typename completions are yet not possible.
You may find more limitations as you go. Please send your feature requests and bugs to Bugzilla. A thread discussing this contribution is here:

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