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== Subwords Completion Engine  ==
Sometimes you just don't know the complete name of a method - or entering its full name from the first character? Subwords is here to assist.
It supports code completion on method names:
[[Image:Recommenders subwords methodnames.png]]
and completion on variable names:
[[Image:Recommenders subwords variablename.png]]
and completion on method overrides '''(image seems to be broken at the moment). Help Wanted''':
[[Image:Recommenders subwords methodoverrides.png]]
Subwords has been developed by Paul-Emmanuel Faidherbe and contributed to Eclipse Code Recommenders. Thank you Paul-Emmanuel! Subwords currently has some limitations: It doesn't support dynamic reranking of proposals that have better overlaps. It only works in the scenarios shown above. Typename completions are yet not possible. You may find more limitations as you go. Feature requests and bugs are best discussed &nbsp;in Bugzilla here:&nbsp;

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