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Rap10RC1 News

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RAP 1.0 RC1 - New and Noteworthy

This document will become the New and Noteworthy page for the next milestone release and meanwhile serves to document the development progress.

All features documented here can be obtained from CVS HEAD.

RAP Common

Empty API implemented

With the last milestone we provided some API beforehand without actually implementing it. These gaps are now being filled in:

  • Table#getItem(Point) now returns the TableItem at the given point. With this change TableViewer#getItemAt(Point) also returns something useful (see also 200397).
  • VerifyListeners are implemented for Text and Combo.
    Please be aware that the current implementation sends VerifyEvents delayed, as it is done with ModifyEvents. This means that if you alter or cancel (by setting doit to false) the changes in your VerifyListener#verifyText code, it may override changes that meanwhile have taken place client-side.
  • Combo has everything related to be editable which we introduced before API freeze (see bug 187252)
    • getText()
    • setText()
    • indexOf(String, int)
    • indexOf(String)
    • addModifyListener()
    • removeModifyListener()
    • addVerifyListener()
    • removeVerifyListener()

Note that the combo now is editable by default (as SWT) and you need to set the SWT.READ_ONLY style bit to prevent editing.

API cleanup revisited

During the API cleanup in M6, a few things slipped through which are now fixed. See bugs 201225, 201286, 201403 and 201528 for more details.

Exit confirmation

To have the ability to warn the user before leaving the application the org.eclipse.rap.ui.branding extension point provides a new attribute called exitConfirmation. If the value is empty nothing will happen but in the case you provide a message it will be shown to the user before he can close the page or locate to another one. Note that this only works for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Opera and Safari have no possibility to prevent closing the current window/tab.




Several enhancements were made to react on unexpected situations more smoothly.

When a request is sent to an expired or otherwise invalidated session, now a (yet very basic) HTML page informs the user what happened and provides a link to restart the session.

To deal with bad connections or temporarily unavailable servers, now a message box appears, that gives the user a chance to retry sending the request.


Error Handling

In the case of a server-side programming error that leads to an exception which is not handled by the Workbench or other error handling facilities, it is now passed to the servlet engine. The client-side reacts accordingly and displays the error page as it was sent by the servlet engine.

In case of a JavaScript error, that occurs while the server response is being processed, an error page displays the error message along with the code that caused it.

The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous milestone build. Summaries for earlier milestone builds:

New for RAP 1.0 milestone build M6 (August 17, 2007)
New for RAP 1.0 milestone build M5 (July 13, 2007)
New for RAP 1.0 milestone build M4 (June 08, 2007)
New for RAP 1.0 milestone build M3 (April 27, 2007)
New for RAP 1.0 milestone build M2 (March 2, 2007)

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