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  • Tom
  • Doug
  • Jesse
  • Mike
  • Ian
  • Glyn


  • Heads up on sat4j CQs
  • shorten meeting time
  • Vert.x
  • Nexus
  • Eclipse Bundle Recipes

sat4j CQs

  • Tom approved the CQ for Equinox
  • General agreement from PMC that project lead/PMC rep can approve CQs for their own project that are just version updates of previously approved libraries

Shorten meeting time

  • Meeting time will be changed to 30 mins. Tom has a conflict.


  • Glyn will ask about a PMC rep
  • Project is cleaning CLAs to check in the code

Nexus repository

  • Is it coming on line
  • Jesse says it has happened
    • There was a previous version of Nexus (still exists but should not be used)
    • A new one created for
      • Available to be used by projects
      • Not the professional version
      • No review process no staging etc.
      • No pathway to maven central
  • Bundle recipes, can they help

Eclipse Bundle Recipes

  • Making progress
    • Mailing list set up
    • Initial CQ to check in code

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