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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 111010

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  • Tom
  • Christian
  • Glyn
  • Jesse
  • Mike
  • Peter Krogh (filling in for Doug) *
  • Rals (RAP) *


  • Release Train
    • We agree there is a lot of work to do for virgo to use orbit
    • Lots of limitations in how to consume orbit. Need for ivy.
      • Will add overhead for placing stuff in orbit with no real benefit to Virgo
    • Perhaps we should open a bug to discuss in Orbit. Tom to discuss with David W.
  • Most other items on the checklist are ok or can be marked as not applicable.

Eclipse Con

  • Planned Bof at Eclipse Con Europe.
    • Glyn and Christian from PMC going
    • A few others from RT community
  • Submissions for Eclipse Con US are trickling in. Need more Eclipse RT submissions.

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