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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110921

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  • Tom
  • Mike
  • Thomas M. (Smila)
  • Glyn
  • Doug
  • Christian
  • Ralf (RAP)


  • Release Train Requirements
  • Eclipse Con 2012

Eclipse Con

  • How you use p2, maven, how you build your product (jesse)
  • Should the PMC try to be used as a way to solicit feedback.
    • It would be good to get the abstracts from RT project members sent to the RT-PMC to ask for feedback and to allow better coordination of the RT talks from eclipse RT projects.
  • RT BOF - probably should have one.
  • RT Panel (on the point of the RT)
    • We need to prepare the topic.
    • Jesse to send a mail on abstract for panel.

Eclipse Con Europe

  • Christian, Glyn, Doug are planning
  • Ralf on RAP OSGi integration and a couple of others.
  • Discussed need for an RT BOF. Seems like a good idea.

Release Train Requirements

  • The orbit requirement is a big work item for Virgo.
  • Orbit is "stupid" because it is not provide stable URLs except for stable builds.
    • Jesse reiterates his maven story.
    • Tom does not think p2 is the issue with the orbit repository, but instead it is the policy used to manage the orbit repos.


  • Smila is releasing at the beginning of October. Look for release review soon.

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