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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110810

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  • Ralf
  • Markus
  • Christian
  • Tom
  • Doug


  • Meeting Participation
    • How to encourage more of it
      • Discussing whether the call should be earlier or later on the day or even on a different day.
      • Talking about what is the value proposition of the RT-PMC
      • RT Project lead could talk about release content, docuware
      • Talked about a collaborate example of all the RT projects (but requires ressources)
      • Project lead could send another project member they can send someone else from the project to attend the pmc call
      • Project lead should send a short notice to the rt-pmc mailing list if they cannot attend the rt-pmc call
  • Indigo Retrospective?
    • Either mailing list, or discuss it as agenda item on the next call
  • Architecture Council Rep
    • Christian backup delegate on Architecture Council

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