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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110713

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  • Tom
  • Jesse
  • Christian
  • Glyn


  • PMC lead
  • Planning Council Rep
  • OSGi TCK Access
  • Releasing subproject

PMC Lead

  • Nominating Tom
    • Christian as co-lead
  • New PMC lead should ping, we send for folks to attend.

Planning Council Rep

  • Nomination of Jesse to Planning Council
  • Jesse to attend next months meeting

Indigo Retrospective

  • Tom to send note to PMC list about retrospective

OSGi TCK Access

  • Gemini Web developers may need access to the TCK
    • Glyn to ping Wayne on progress for getting access
    • There was also an effort to do OSGi Certification

Releasing sub projects

  • Virgo does not have sub projects
  • Does Virgo really have to have sub projects just to release tools vs runtime
    • Separate projects seem to help for IP logs
  • PMC thinks it would be fine to release subsets of a project at different times.

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