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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110518


  • Tom
  • Jesse
  • Glyn
  • Doug
  • Markus
  • Christian
  • Thomas (smila)
  • Mike


  • CQ approvals
  • Meeting time

CQ approvals

  • Should we relax the CQ approvals to allow PMC members to approve their own CQs?
  • Should projects under incubation approve their own CQs? There was hesitation there
    • Do incubation projects get a representative on the PMC? Not sure, But seems like they should.
  • Seems like a no-brainer for piggy-back CQs
    • All agreed that piggy-back CQs is OK to approve for own project. (Jeff was absent though)

OSGi Certificate

  • Ian sent a note about OSGi Certification

Meeting Time

  • Move back the time by 30 minutes.
    • Lets give it a 2 - 3 meeting trail

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