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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110504

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  • Jeff
  • Jesse
  • Christian
  • Tom
  • Glyn



Must dos

  • lots more good discussion on this.
  • quick review of Glyn's summary.
  • TODO: Write up RT PMC interpretation of Must dos (Jeff to do and circulate)
  • TODO: feed back into Planning Council (likely post Indigo)

Security Team

  • RT community likely has the majority of security issues
  • What policy does the RT PMC want to have? What membership, (one member, one from each project, ...)
  • Jetty would like to have someone on the team
  • Gemini and Virgo are likely candidates
  • Equinox as well
  • suggest we have one and that it be Jesse to start

Indigo release highlights

  • has scrolling highlights
  • no clear way of getting on that list
  • Tom to follow up to find out how to get on the list

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