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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110209

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  • Tom
  • Glyn
  • Jesse
  • Christain C.
  • Mike K.
  • Peter K.

Planning Council

  • Make sure you categories in Indigo make sense.
  • Need to better communicate with project leads
    • Council rep is currently Tom Watson.
    • Many did not seem to know this
    • The Council rep needs help from project leads to bring issues forward
    • Should spend time each milestone going over todos to participate and make sure RT projects are doing well.
  • Suggest we pass the rep position around, perhaps each release or every other release.
    • Should serve the overall RT project better if the representation is dispersed.
    • It has been suggested that Tom should pass the torch after the Indigo release. Jesse has tentatively agreed to step up.


  • Should we have a F2F PMC meeting?
    • We have done this in past EclipseCon's and it has been useful. Many PMC reps are not attending this year though.
  • BOF?
    • Tom indicates that Jeff has set these up in the past.
  • What is being done with marketing.
    • Not sure what if anything is being done for marketing of RT this year.

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