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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110126

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  • Tom
  • Mike
  • Jesse
  • Markus
  • Glyn
  • Christian C.


  • CQ status
  • Gemini blueprint docuware

CQ status

  • Spring IDE CQ 4838
    • A dependency needed at compile time for virgo tooling.
    • intend to remove dependency eventually
    • would it be better to be a works with or an exemption?
    • Glyn to send not to rt-pmc requesting an exemption.
  • Virgo IDE tooling CQ 4852
    • Source will be attached soon, Glyn will be looking for approval.
  • Spring CQ Servlet and JSP CQs 4710 4711 4712
    • another cq will be needed for the el package.

Gemini bluepring docuware

  • Several gemini projects are getting ready for a release
  • Many docuware for release reviews will be coming

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