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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 110126

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  • Tom
  • Mike
  • Jesse
  • Markus
  • Glyn
  • Christian C.


  • CQ status
  • Gemini blueprint docuware

CQ status

  • Spring IDE CQ 4838
    • A dependency needed at compile time for virgo tooling.
    • intend to remove dependency eventually
    • would it be better to be a works with or an exemption?
    • Glyn to send note to rt-pmc requesting an exemption. The plan is to remove all Spring IDE dependencies from Virgo IDE contribution in time for the first Virgo IDE release. Milestones leading up to the release of Virgo IDE will required spring IDE to compile and users of such milestones would have to install spring IDE from the spring ide repo. The plan is to not host spring IDE in and repo. Glyn has an action item to check with eclipse IP to see if an exception is appropriate for this temporary dependency while developing Virgo IDE at eclipse.
  • Virgo IDE tooling CQ 4852
    • Source will be attached soon, Glyn will be looking for approval.
  • Spring CQ Servlet and JSP CQs 4710 4711 4712
    • another cq will be needed for the el package.

Gemini bluepring docuware

  • Several gemini projects are getting ready for a release
  • Many docuware for release reviews will be coming

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