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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100811

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  • Jeff
  • Mike
  • Tom


  • CQs
    • There has been ongoing discussion about the CQ backlog
    • We started to go through the open CQs but quickly found that the PMC's position in the various scenarios was not clearly stated or understood.
    • The RT/IP_FAQ is a good start but is not categorical nor definitive.
    • One direction is to fill out the FAQ with scenarios (Test but not ship, Test, reference but not ship, check into repo but not ...) and get PMC-wide agreement on the scenarios and IP approaches.
    • With that in hand we can easily address CQs
    • Mike agreed to take an initial stab at the scenarios
    • Parties that have a particular stake in this should pitch in to drive this to resolution
  • OSGi RFC 138 discussion.
    • There was a brief discussion around recent changes in RFC 138.
    • Equinox will have the required hooks but will not have an implementation.
    • RT (or other) projects needing the upper layer will need to do/get one
    • we should coordinate if multiple projects have similar needs

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