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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 100505

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  • Tom W
  • Jesse M
  • Mark R
  • Mike K
  • Markus K
  • Peter K
  • Shawn S
  • Glyn N
  • Barb C
  • Hughes (Jetty)


  • Discuss the handling of Virgo dependencies ( background).
  • Discuss email from the IP Team regarding OSGi CQ requirements (Barb Cochrane).
  • Dependencies on testing
  • Jetty is almost ready for 7.1 release review


Virgo Dependencies

  • Enterprise bundle repository
    • 3rd party jars taking out of maven central with a proper OSGi manifest inserted.
    • This is a short term solution to make the migration to Virgo easier for the existing DM server community.
    • Will orbit take on the new meta-data. Answer is no. Glyn said the plan is to move away from com.springsource BSNs eventually.

Eclipse IP Team

  • OSGi CQs, do we need more entered.
    • OSGi Companion Code - We should open a separate CQ for each companion code jar
    • OSGi Specifications - We should open a separate CQ for each specification document (4 at this time)
    • Each project must open a separate CQ that piggy backs on the original CQ (companion or specification).

Dependencies on Testing

  • CQs must still be open but the conclusion is that they would be a works with dependency. The dependencies are not shipped with the project and are not needed at runtime.

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