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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 090114

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  • Jeff McAffer (-26C/-37C)
  • Georg Schmidt (1.5C)
  • Doug Clarke (-26C/-37C)
  • Mark Rogalski (45F)
  • Jochen Krause (2C)

Galileo participation

Galileo is well underway. RT projects should be contributing to the Galileo builds as soon as is feasible. The coordinated build and testing is vital to community adoption.

We need to finalize how we are going to participate in the train wrt categorization in the repos, packages and downloads.

  • need to follow up with the PDE team to see what is available for provisioning into targets.

Berkley DB

What is the status of the CQ?

  • lots of discussion about options etc.
  • Doug and Georg will talk together about the possibility of using EclipseLink
  • Jochen and/or Jeff will talk to the EMO about the idea of Berkely DB as an exempt prereq for some limited amount of time.

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