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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 081217

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  • Jeff McAffer
  • Thomas Watson
  • Georg Schmidt
  • Igor Novakovic
  • Christian Campo
  • Oliver Wolf
  • Doug Clarke


Third party libraries. SMILA is looking to use Berkley DB and Apache ODE.

  • Looking for help with getting ODE patches committed in the Apache project. Oliver has some contacts in that project and will help out.

Berkley DB is currently used for SMILA. Changing it will be hard. Team would like support for using BDB for 2 years without going through the full IP process. By that time the standardization process will be far enough along and a replacement for BDB can be used.

  • Jochen has been looking at this for some time so should follow up with the foundation

Tools vs. Runtimes

What can we deliver in the Galileo train.

  • Tom talked to the Planning Council about how to release tooling and runtimes. Example is RAP where they deliver tools into the IDE and a runtime into the target.
  • Planning council discussion was to create separate features and leave the runtime feature uncategorized.
  • Tom to follow up with Pascal and Chris on what we can do with p2 to allow stuff to be installed smoothly into the target as well as the IDE itself.

EclipseLink at EclipseCon

There are two EclipseLink talks but really only one slot.

  • one is about the technology/project itself (542)
  • one is more about the challenges with integration into Eclipse/Equinox etc. (364)
  • suggestion is to accept 542 and update the abstract to cover a bit more Eclipse community integration/experiences
  • Jeff will look to do some horse trading to get a short for 364.

PMC calls for 2009

  • calls will continue to be every two weeks. Same time, same place. Calls will resume Jan 14, 2009.
  • Project leads and PMC members should send Jeff the email address to be used in sharing write access to the RT google calendar. This will allow them to add important project related dates to the general RT calendar and get more exposure.

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