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Attending: Jeff Code9, Thomas Watson IBM, Oliver Wolf Sopera, Christian Campo compeople, Jochen Krause Innoopract

Project status update


  • TeamSize 5 (2 committers, 3 contributors)
  • Actively writing code
  • Contributors make it hard to work with Eclipse as source code repo
  • Problem will get fixed with electing contributors to committers (in the next couple of weeks)
  • Will make Apache ODE pluggable with Swordfish

Riena (Christian)

  • published M5 today
  • 10 committers (9 active) - mostly compeople, 1 Innoopract, 1 Andrena
  • good progress
  • release for 1.0.0 planned Q1 2009
  • regular feedback from community
  • remote services - OSGi 4.2 spec (rfc 119) is interesting, not sure if it fulfills all requirements
  • Feedback Thomas / Jeff: it would be very useful if ECF / Riena / rfc119 had a common implementation
  • current problem is that different technical approaches are not easy to integrate
  • a discussion at the EclipseSummit would be very useful
  • no decision on the release train has been made
  • will look at

Equinox (Tom)

  • implementing framework stuff (
    • rfc132 - launch framework
    • rfc138 - mulitple frameworks within the same VM)
    • rfc 126 - improvements for service registry in support of rfc 119
    • console is not build into the spec of the framework itself, we may pick up an existing implementation
    • DS improvements under way, taking spec changes into account
    • scoped
    • Blueprint services will be part of the spec - discuss more one of the next calls
    • want to encourage the use of DS
  • p2 stabilization, graduation of APIs

RAP (Jochen)

  • UI work going on that could be interesting for Riena / e4 - will present at the summit

Planning Council

  • Tom will attend the council meeting today for the first time
  • invite Markus Knauer to present

Release train

  • we will be trying to have a seperate packaging for the runtime projects as part of the Gallileo release

standing agenda for next meetings

  • put project updates on

next meeting: f2f at EclipseSummitEurope: Wednesday at Lunch / in the early evening at the bar

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