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RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080910

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  • Jeff McAffer


ESE RT symposium

We have a symposium scheduled for ESE in November. We should settle on an abstract and seek volunteers both for organizing and for participating. Jeff sent out a message on the RT mailing list with a proposed abstract.

Council membership

This was on the last call but we need to follow up here. PMCs have a chance to participate in various councils at Eclipse. In particular the planning council. This is an opportunity for us to drive things that are important to the runtime story at Eclipse. To date I (Jeff) have been lurking and periodically interacting with the planning council. We should establish someone who will drive this with more energy then I have at the moment.

  • We need to get someone for the planning council. Doug and Tom both expressed some interest and will investigate what is involved etc.


We need to have plans for the projects. What does that entail at the PMC and project level.


Status of various moves. ECF move status

  • More projects have moved (Equinox move is basically complete)
  • ECF and eRCP coming soon

Next Meeting

September 24, 2008 at 0900 ET, Agenda: RT/meetings/PMC Minutes 080924

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