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Eclipse RT - Indigo Highlights

Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) 3.5.1/Indigo


EclipseLink 2.3.0/Indigo


  • Multitenant JPA Entities: Development of SaaS solutions has now been made easier. EclipseLink JPA can dynamically manage persistent entities for different tenants using shared tables (AKA striped). EclipseLink will limit the result of all database operations to the rows available to a given tenant.
  • Extensible JPA and JAXB: Application developers using EclipseLink JPA and MOXy (JAXB) can now build models which support storage of extended values. The extended values are enabled through JPA mappings which can be defined statically or on-the-flt using an external metadata source.

Equinox 3.7.0/Indigo


  • OSGi R4.3 Core Framework implementation
    • Updated OSGi API including use of generic signatures
    • Generic Capabilities and Requirements for bundles
    • Bundle Wiring Implementation provides a much richer model of the wiring relationship between bundles
    • Implementation of the new framework hooks which includes Bundle, Resolver and Weaving Hooks
  • Update OSGi R4.3 Compendium services
    • New Coordinator service implementation
    • Updated Event Admin service implementation
    • Updated Metadata service implementation
  • Unified Eclipse logging APIs
    • Aggregate logging APIs through the Equinox Extended OSGi Log Service
    • Core Equinox Framework now provides the Equinox Extended OSGi Log Service
  • Enhancements for p2
    • Reduced memory usage when loading p2 repos
    • More metadata customizations in p2 for setting -vm arguments and config.ini settings
    • Support in the p2 director application to label install operations
    • Support in p2 director application to download artifacts without installing them
    • Support in p2 for export/import of software from/to an installation

Rich Ajax Platform 1.4.0/Indigo

Download New & Noteworthy


  • Framework
    • Key binding support for SWT and Workbench. Workbench key bindings are enabled by default.
    • Updated Eclipse UI APIs to Indigo. This includes SWT 3.7, JFace 3.7, and Workbench 3.7.
    • IApplication support. Besides the IEntrypoint, IApplication can now be used as entrypoint for applications.
    • Servlet 3.0 support. RAP can be used with the Servlet API version 2.3 to 3.x.
    • Mobile browser support (iOS and Android devices).
    • Optimized client library and improved JavaScript compression by using the Yahoo YUI compressor.
    • Support for alternative client libraries such as JQuery for custom widgets.
  • Widgets and Theming
    • New and enhanced Tree and Tooltip widget implementation.
    • Improved Browser Widget including BrowserFunctions support. This simplifies the creation of custom widgets.
    • Non-native scrollbars. The scrollbars can be fully themed now. This means that they can look all the same on different OS.
    • New modern default theme. The old theme is still available as "classic" theme in a separate bundle.
    • Shadows added. Many widgets can now get a drop shadow via CSS.
  • Tooling
    • Improved and enhanced RAP launcher. This includes URL preview, better validation and a customizable context path.
    • Launcher for RWT standalone applications added. This launcher makes it possible to launch RWT applications without OSGi and the Workbench.
    • Improved target installation. The tooling now downloads the latest target. The target is no longer included in the tooling.

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