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General CVS Information

Connection Type Committers  :ext:
Anonymous access  :pserver:
Repository Path /cvsroot/technology

RPPS Web Projects

Main RPPS Web project is

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
RPPS Web org.eclipse.higgins/app/org.eclipse.higgins.rpps.web anonymous viewcvs

The RPPS Web project depends on several other Higgins projects

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
Configuration API org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.api anonymous viewcvs
Configuration Common org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.common anonymous viewcvs
Configuration XML org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.configuration.xml anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Interfaces org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.icard anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Provider CardSpace Common org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.cardspace.common anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Provider CardSpace Zurich org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.cardspace.zurich anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Provider CardSpace Idemix org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.icard.provider.idemix anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Selector Service Interfaces org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.iss anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Selector Service CardSpace org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.iss.cardspace anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Selector Service Idemix org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.iss.idemix anonymous viewcvs
I-Card Registry org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.icard.registry anonymous viewcvs
Higgins Registry org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.registry anonymous viewcvs
RSS-SSE Parser Library org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.rsse anonymous viewcvs
RPPS Core org.eclipse.higgins/plugins/org.eclipse.higgins.rpps anonymous viewcvs

Build Instructions

  • Building within Eclipse IDE:
    • The normal project build method will compile the source1
    • How to export a WAR2 file from a Web project:
      • Right click on a Web project folder and select Export from the pop-up menu. Then select WAR file in the Export window and then select Next.
      • Specify the Web project you want to export (this field is primed if you used the pop-up menu to open the wizard), and specify a location for the new WAR file.
      • Optional: Optionally, supply WAR export Options, such as whether or not to include Java™ source files in the WAR, and whether to overwrite any existing resources during the export process. Source files are not usually included in a WAR file, because they are not necessary for the server to run the web application.
      • Click Finish.
  • Command-line builds:
    • How to create a Web service WAR file:
      • From the project directory, run wsbuild.xml ant script. Resulting rpps.war file will be placed inside the dist/tomcat directory3.
  • Builds notes:
    • 1 Note please, before WS WAR file creating it is needed to export the project (WAR) into dist directory.
    • 2 The Eclipse Web Tools Platform should be installed. More about WTP.
    • 3 Assume that you have installed the JWSDP from and defined the Windows environment variable %JWSDP_HOME%.

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