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Requirements Management and Engineering (RE&M) is taught, both in industry and academia. Lately (mid 2014), I got more and more inquiries with respect to teaching RE&M as the underlying tool for exercises, projects and examples. Therefore, I am trying to get interested parties together for this purpose.

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This discussion was initiated via email - a bad place to keep a conversation going. For the time being, we will start a new discussion thread on LinkedIn.

Systems Engineering or Requirements Engineering?

A number of participants pointed out that RE as a stand-alone discipline is losing importance in favor of Systems Engineering, of which RE is a sub-discipline. Therefore, at a minimum we should look into RE in the context of overall SE.

Concrete Ideas

Gael - project

Michael - book

Interested Parties

  • Formal Mind GmbH (Michael Jastram)
  • Herrmann & Ehrlich (Andrea Herrmann)[1]

Contact / Initiator

Michael Jastram

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