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RCP to RAP Migration Example

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Under heavy developement

This little tutorial will give you a little introduction in how to migrate a existing RCP application to an "ajaxified" RAP application. As RAP is a subset of the existing RCP infrastructure and trough it's nature a little but different, we will show you what you need to adapt in your application to run it as web application and why you need to do these changes.

But let's start with a little example which you maybe already know - RCP Mail Example

Installing RAP

Is this needed in this tutorial? Not sure how this is done for M4 cause of the namespace problems (updatesite/target/CVS?)

Setup of the example RCP application

New Project wizard

We will use the RCP Mail Example provided by the PDE team to show you the details of such a migration. To create the RCP Mail example, click on File | New | Project... and select Plug-in Project. We will give it the name "org.eclipse.rap.demo.mail" but you can also choose your own. Click on Next > to modify the existing plug-in settings. Be sure to have the This plug-in will make contributions to the UI checkbox checked and that you Would like to create a rich client application (see screenshot). On the next page select the "RCP Mail Template" and click the Finish button.

Clicking on the "Launch an Eclipse application" link of your Plugin Manifest Editor which opened immediately after project creation should result in an RCP application like this:

RCP Mail Example


remove org.eclipse.ui add org.eclipse.rap.ui.workbench replace IApplication with IEntrypoint add ICallback for MessageDialogs

run the thing

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