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== Common Bugzilla Queries ==
== Common Bugzilla Queries ==
[ All open P1 bugs]
[ All open P1 and P2 bugs]
[ All open P1 and P2 bugs]

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Bugzilla Infos for Committers

Status Whiteboard

RAP uses the 'Status Whiteboard' field to label bug os a certain type

  • qx-open the bug depends on an unresolved qooxdoo bug. The bug id of the qooxdoo bug should be found in one of the comments.
  • qx-closed: once a blocking qooxdoo bug is resolved (see qx-open), the status whiteboard should be set to qx-closed. This way, all unresolved RAP bugs can identified that should be solved after migrating to the next qooxdo service release.
  • extend-rwt used only for the 1.2 plan. All bugs labeled that way will be shown in the Reduce the gap between RWT and SWT theme.


Please refer to the description of Keywords used in Eclipse Bugzilla.

Status and Resolution

Please read this document for a list of statuses and their use.

Common Bugzilla Queries

All open P1 bugs All open P1 and P2 bugs

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