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Rich Ajax Platform
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The Rich Ajax Platform project aims to enable developers to build rich, Ajax-enabled Web applications by using the Eclipse development model, plug-ins and a Java-only API.

This wiki is used as a supplement to the RAP Project Homepage and the RAP Developers Guide. It provides information and resources that are too specific/detailed for either, have to be updated more frequently, or are only relevant for RAP commiters.

Resources for Developers working with RAP

Server push in RWT (aka UI Callback)
RWT and servlet clustering configurations

Resources for Committer

Bugzilla Guidlelines
Coding Standards
Build Process

Integration with other Projects

RAP integration with e4
BIRT Integration
RAP/EMF Integration
RAP/Riena Integration
RAP integration with Equinox Security / JAAS
Running RAP on Virgo
Running RAP on IBM WebSphere Application Server

Other Resources

Patch Fragments
Stress / Load Testing
Project Metrics


RAP Widget Toolkit - general introduction
RWT Overview and Comparison to SWT - outdated

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