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:[[RAP/Bugzilla|Bugzilla Guidlelines]]
:[[RAP/Bugzilla|Bugzilla Guidlelines]]
:[[RAP/CodingConventions|Coding Conventions]]
:[[RAP/CodingStandards|Coding Standards]]
:[[RAP/Build_Process|Build Process]]
:[[RAP/Build_Process|Build Process]]

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Rich Ajax Platform
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| RAP wiki home | RAP project home |

The RAP project aims to enable developers to build rich, Ajax-enabled Web applications by using the Eclipse development model, plug-ins and a Java-only API.

The wiki is used for collaborative planning and as a lightweight info portal.


RAP Widget Toolkit

RAP Widget Toolkit - general introduction
Server push in RWT (aka UI Callback)
RWT and servlet clustering configurations
RWT Overview and Comparison to SWT - outdated

Resources for Committer

Bugzilla Guidlelines
Coding Standards
Build Process

Integration with other Projects

RAP integration with e4
BIRT Integration
RAP/EMF Integration
RAP/Riena Integration
RAP integration with Equinox Security / JAAS
Running RAP on Virgo
Running RAP on IBM WebSphere Application Server

Other Resources

Patch Fragments
Stress / Load Testing
Project Metrics

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