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[[Category:Modeling]] [[Category:M2M]]
[[Category:Modeling]] [[Category:M2M]]
Executing QVT transformations programmatically in [ Java]

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Questions and discussions about Operational QVT usage

Questions and discussions about the usage of Operational QVT should take place on the eclipse.modeling.m2m Eclipse newsgroup for the M2M project (more details about this newsgroup there), of which QVTO is a component. Please, remember to prefix the subject of your Operational QVT-related posts with [QVTO].

Information about Operational QVT

The language implementation is based on an OMG document ptc/07-07-07 (Meta Object Facility (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation Final Adopted Specification).


Executing QVT transformations programmatically in Java

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