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* [ Tutorial] based on [ P.J.Barendrecht's Research Project Report]
* [ Tutorial] based on [ P.J.Barendrecht's Research Project Report]
* [ Tutorial by Fabio Levy Siqueira]
* [ Tutorial by Fabio Levy Siqueira]
* [ Blog entry by Fabio Levy Siqueira on Inheritance in QVTo]
<br />
<br />

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Questions and discussions about Operational QVT usage

Questions and discussions about the usage of Operational QVT should take place on the forum or eclipse.qvto newsgroup.

QVTO is a component of the MMT project.

Information about Operational QVT

The language implementation is based on an OMG document ptc/07-07-07 (Meta Object Facility (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation Final Adopted Specification).

The QVTo distribution includes the [QVT Operational Developer Guide] that may be accessed as Help->Help Contents->QVT Operational Developer Guide.


Executing QVT transformations programmatically in Java

The QVTo distribution includes a version of the UML2RDBMS transformation that demonstrates many language features. It may be installed via New->Examples->Operational QVT Transformation->SimpleUML to RDB Transformation Project.


List of relevant articles.

Other documentation

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