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QVTd/New and Noteworthy/Photon

Eclipse QVTd New and Noteworthy items for the Photon 0.15.0 release.

Release Overview

Behind the scenes, the lack of a specification for QVTr relation overriding requires some fundamental language design that does not play well with a QVTr2QVTc conversion since QVTc also lacks the requisite support. The QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTs to QVTi is therefore simplified to QVTr to QVTs to QVTi enabling the graphical power of QVTs to be exploited. This work did not complete in time for the 0.15.0 release.

In particular

  • Relation overriding does not work
  • there is no support for in-place transformation.


A preliminary form of QVTr to QVTc to QVTu to QVTm to QVTi transformation chain is available.

The launchers should only be used for research and experimental purposes.

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